Millenials and the climate of newspapers

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Media & Advertising

Developing young readers should be a priority for the newspaper industry as millennials make up the largest living generation. They are becoming more reliant on digital and online forms of news, such as; BuzzFeed, Vice, and Huffington Post. Newspapers need to reach this audience through a medium that they already use, and to do so media companies must invest in inventive ways to reach a younger audience.

Relationships and conversations

Millennials are more likely to be attracted towards news providers that offer a more personal connection. This allows for a more conversational and explanatory tone as they opt for information that does not only focus on ‘what’ happened, but also ‘why’ it happened. Due to this, personalised content, which is content that has been specifically selected for them, is on high demand.

KISS — Keep It Simple, Stupid

It is important to factor in that younger people too feel overwhelmed by the web, which is why sites such as Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post are popular as its content is brief, to the point, conversational, and user friendly. It also has a decent sharing system, which is important as social stream is the habitat for online news and strives in the young generations.

Make it about them

Journalism is important to millennials today, this could be taken advantage of by determining ways to get the younger generation involved and in the news, which would in turn cause other millennials to turn towards online newspapers, e.g The Guardians Facebook app which allows users to see what their friends have been reading and are interested in. This is also possible due to the existence of their FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) attitude, which makes them ideal candidates to be the audience as well as the journalists.